Beyond the Lyric

Beyond the Lyric
by Fiona Sampson
Chatto & Windus (October 15, 2012)

ISBN-10: 0701186461
ISBN-13: 978-0701186463

In a series of groundbreaking new classifications, beginning with the bread-and-butter diction of the Plain Dealers and ending on the capacious generosity of the Exploded Lyric, it examines the broad range of contemporary tendencies – from the baroque swagger of the Dandies to the restrained elegance of the Oxford Elegists; from the layered, haunting verse of Mythopoesis to the inventive explorations of the New Formalists. By probing the cultural context from which these groups emerge and shifting the critical focus back to the work itself, Sampson’s astute analysis illuminates and demystifies each of these terms and asks the big questions about what makes a poem.

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  1. JforJames,

    I just discovered this site! Goldmine of information on contemporary poetry/poetics.

    Well done!